Type Regular
Objective Administer Veterans Memorial Building as to security, rentals and other uses.
Established 1935-05-28
Authority Administrative Code Chapter 2.94
Agency/Dept General Services Agency
Location 753 Renfrew Road    El Sobrante CA  94803
Staff Person Charles A. Bachman Work:
Term (Seats) Three years commencing on the first day of July. Each commissioner shall continue in office until the Board of Supervisors appoints a successor.
Meetings First Monday each month
Qualifications Must be a member of a veterans organization that meets in the Albany Veterans Memorial Building. See Administrative Code Chapter 2.94.020 for more detail (note: each member shall be nominated by the organizations then forwarded to the BOS)
Appointments American Legion - 2 members; Fleet Reserve - 1 member; Veterans of Foreign Wars - 2 members