Type Regular
Objective Technical advisory committee on agricultural matters
Established 1977-06-21
Authority Res #173251
Agency/Dept Community Development Agency
Location 224 West Winton Avenue, Rm. 111    Hayward CA -b1. Haywa-rd    QIC: 50701
Staff Person Elizabeth McElligott Work: (510) 670-5400
Term (Seats) 3 years. Appointment and Term of Regular Members. The board of supervisors shall appoint the regular members. They shall serve at the pleasure of the board of supervisors. No regular member shall serve more than two terms in succession representing the same category or more than two successive additional terms representing a different category. A regular member shall remain on the committee following expiration of the term being served until he or she is reappointed to a successive term or until a successor is appointed. The board of supervisors shall fill any vacancy on the committee, and may utilize the committee to screen the applicants' qualifications; the person appointed to fill a vacancy shall serve for the unexpired term of the person he or she succeeds.
Meetings 10 times per year
Qualifications See Alameda County Administrative Code 2.122.040; Resolution No.173251. Qualifications include the following: A. Regular Member Qualifications. Regular members shall be technical representatives of their profession or field and advocates for economically and ecologically viable agriculture and open space in Alameda County. They shall demonstrate expertise by documented work in their field of expertise, by professional association and/or by academic achievement. They shall be able and committed to meet regularly and should be able to communicate effectively with interested members of the public. B. Categories of regular members required to be Alameda County Residents: Cattle/Livestock; Management; Cattle/Livestock Management; Field/Row Crops Management; Nursery/Floriculture/ Horticulture Management; Viticulture/Orchards Management; or Equestrian Management. C. Categories of regular members that may reside outside of Alameda County in the event that desired candidates cannot be identified within the county: Agritourism; Agricultural Land Trust; Agricultural Economics; Recreation/Parks Management; Resource Conservation District; Watershed Ecology/Management Water Resources; Rangeland Ecology; Plant Ecology; or Wildlife Biology. D. Ex officio members shall be the following persons: Alameda County planning director (or designee); Alameda County agricultural commissioner (or designee); a representative of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service; a representative of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; representative of the California Department of Fish and Game; a representative of Zone 7, Alameda County Flood and Water Conservation district; A representative of the University of California Cooperative Extension; and an agricultural lending expert.
Appointments Committee shall consist of 16 regular members and 8 ex officio members = 1 Planning Dir.; 1 U.S. Dept. of Ag. Rep; 1 Agricultural Commissioner; 1 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Rep.; 1 Calif. Dept. Fish & Game Rep; 1 Zone 7 Rep; 1 Univ. of Calif. Coop. Ext. Rep; 1 Ag. Leading expert. Ex officio members serve as long as they represent the entity that selected them to serve as ex officio members of the committee.