Type Regular
Objective The Housing Authority of the County of Alameda was established by the Board of Supervisors by Resolution #126500 on August 15, 1968, pursuant to California Health and Safety Code, Part 2, Chapter 1, Articles 2, 3 and 4. The Board of Supervisors established the Housing Commission by Ordinance #77-94 to provide and maintain assisted rental housing and housing services for families with incomes of less than 80% of the median income for the Housing Authority's service area.
Established 1977-11-02
Authority Established pursuant to Section 34240 - 342606, Health & Safety Code and Board of Supervisors Resolution #77-94
Agency/Dept Housing Authority
Location 22941 Atherton Street    Hayward CA  94541    QIC: 51101
Staff Person Melissa Taesali Work: (510) 727-8511
Term (Seats) 4 year terms served at the pleasure of the Governing Body. Tenant Commissioners serve 2 year terms in accordance with Section 34290 of the Health & Safety Code. This body is subject to the Board of Supervisors' 12 year appointment rule.
Meetings Monthly, second Wednesday at 8:00 a.m.
Qualifications Commissioners shall reside within the city or area they represent. Tenant representatives must be a current tenant in a Housing Authority's program, one of whom shall be over 62 years of age.
Appointments Each city shall nominate a representative to the Commission. The Executive Director of the Housing Authority shall nominate tenant representatives. All nominations shall be submitted to the Governing Body for final approval. The Board of Supervisors has final approval of all nominations submitted by the respective city council of each city in HACA's jurisdiction. Alternate positions are not included in the Ordinance or the Commission Bylaws, but are provided for in the Health and Safety Code (34290-34293). Historically, alternates have been nominated by the representing agency. All nominations shall be submitted to the Governing Body (Board of Supervisors) for final approval.