Type Regular
Objective To provide a forum for the recommendation of local priorities for child care funding and the development of policies to meet the needs identified within those priorities when appropriate and requested; and 2) advise the County Board of Supervisors and County Superintendent of Schools on child care program and policy issues.
Established 1993-01-01
Authority State Education Code 8499.3 & 8499.5 (AB 1542); Bylaws approved 12/1/15
Agency/Dept General Services Agency
Location 1401 Lakeside Drive, # 1116    Oakland CA -b1. Oakla-nd    QIC: 26021
Staff Person Angie Garling Work: (510) 208-9675
Term (Seats) 3 years from appointment date, no Steering Committee member shall serve more than two consecutive terms.
Meetings At least bimonthly at a regularly designated place.
Qualifications Members are Alameda County residents and persons employed in Alameda County who are supportive of, and work for, the betterment of child care in Alameda County. 20% Child Care Providers (7 parents or adults responsible for children who are in child care): Family Child Care, School District, Community Based Non-Subsidized, Community Based Subsidized, Resource & Referral, Child Care Payment Programs (AP), Head Start. 20% Public Agency Representatives (County Social Services Agency, City Government, Community Development Agency (County Planning), County Office of Education, Parks and Recreation, Colleges/Universities, Community Care Licensing, County Health Agency, County Children and Families Commission. 20% Community Representatives(7 individuals who are not child care providers or CDD contractors, but are from an agency or business that provides private funding for child care services, or persons who advocate for child care services through participation in civic or community based organizations); 20% (7 total) at the discretion of both the BOS & County Superintendent of Schools (Family support organizations, Early childhood professional associations/ Child development experts, Non-governmental social and health services agencies, Economic development specialists, Child care providers including public and private centers, license exempt providers, family child care, Head Start, and Alternative Payment Programs, Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies.
Appointments Fifty percent (3) of the members in each category must be appointed by the County Board of Supervisors and 50% (3) by the Superintendent of Schools. The seventh appointee in each category must be agreed upon the Board of Supervisors and Superintendent of Schools. Prior to term openings, the Executive Committee will select and recommend to the full Planning Council Steering Committee nominees for open categories. The full Steering Committee shall then vote on nominees to forward to the Board of Supervisors and County Superintendent of Schools for appointment to the Steering Committee.