Type Regular
Objective Advisory body to achieve conservation/propagation of fish and game.
Established 1986-12-02
Authority Alameda County Administrative Code Chapter 2.76
Agency/Dept Sheriff's Department
Location 4985 Broder Boulevard    Dublin CA -b1. Dubli-n    QIC: 81501
Staff Person James Linn Work: (925) 803-7804
Term (Seats) 4 years. The term of each member shall coincide with the term of office of the supervisor from the district in which the member resides. Appointments are subject to the BOS 12 year appointment rule.
Meetings Minimum four meetings per year
Qualifications Members shall be residents of Alameda County and per Admin. Code 2.76.030 must reside in the appointing supervisor's district. It is desirable that each member possess a valid hunting and fishing license during tenure in office.
Appointments 5 members, appointed by BOS; each supervisor shall nominate one member from the supervisor's district (desireable that each member posses a valid hunting and fishing license during tenure in office (Admin Code 2.76.030)