Type Regular
Objective Administer Veterans building as to security, rentals and other uses; Veteran's current events, legislative issues and updates.
Established 1935-05-28
Authority Ordinance 295
Agency/Dept General Services Agency
Location 37154 Second Street    Fremont CA -b1. Fremo-nt    QIC: 50303
Staff Person Ramaldo Bernie Work: (510) 790-3853
Term (Seats) 3 years
Meetings Fourth Wednesday of each Quarter at 7:30 p.m. or as needed. Currently meeting at the Fremont Teen Center
Qualifications American Legion (1), Disabled American Veterans (1), VFW (1), WWI Veterans (1), Jewish War Veterans (1), Fleet Reserve (1), GIFRM (1), MOL (1), Filipino American Veterans (1)