Type Regular
Objective shall annually review the expenditure of the Essential Health Care Services Tax Fund for the prior year and shall report to BOS on the conformity of such expenditures to the purposes set forth in Paragraph 2.08.251 Measure A Ordinance
Established 2005-01-25
Authority n/a
Agency/Dept Health Care Services Agency
Location 1000 San Leandro Blvd., Suite 300    San Leandro CA -b1. San L-eandro    QIC: 42501
Staff Person James Nguyen Work: (510) 618-2016
Term (Seats) four year terms (initial terms board's term were 2 or 4 years to stagger the appointment expirations)
Meetings Monthly, 4th Friday from 9 - 11:30 am at Health Care Services Agency
Qualifications 2-League or Wmn Voters, reflecting north and south/east county; 1- AlCo Taxpayers; 1- AlCo Mental Health Boards; 1- Pub Health Ad. Board; 2 - SEIU; 1-East Bay Hospital Council staff; 1-AlCo CoCo Med Assoc.; 2-chosen Maryors Assoc., (see notes below)
Appointments Members are nominated by their respective organizations, nominations are forwarded to the BOS for reveiw and appointment. Boardwide appts. are forwarded to the BOS President for placement on the BOS agenda.The BOS may accept or reject nominations.