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Disaster Preparedness & Response Program

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Program Normal Functions/Mission Additional Emergency Functions Jurisdiction/comments
Alameda County Environmental Health Services Overall mission Protect human health, safety and well-being of the public through promoting environmental quality. See Program descriptions. Assist first responders in areas of expertise and authority. Assist the public, business and government sectors in areas of expertise and authority. All of Alameda County with exceptions noted below in Program descriptions.
Food Safety Assure that food prepared and sold to the public on the premises of retail establishments is safe and wholesome. Inspect retail food facilities including restaurants, bars, and bakeries, as well as markets and farmers' market, special public events, food trucks, food carts, produce vehicles, and vending machines. Assure food safety in emergency shelters.
Investigate food borne illness outbreaks.
All cities in Alameda County except Berkeley which administers its own food safety program.
Water Quality Program Assure a safe and wholesome water supply for small water systems*.
Investigate suspected drinking water disease outbreaks.
Evaluate quantity and quality of proposed water sources for parcels relying on well water.
Upon request, collect and procure drinking water samples** .
Provide technical assistance and consultation on small water systems and some types of water sampling. Augment the efforts of larger water suppliers. Assure the viability of new water sources that may be needed in a disaster or emergency. Small water systems only.
* Small systems serve more than 1 but less than 15 service connections.
** Sample for coliform and E. Coli bacteria
Swimming/Recreational Facilities Assure that public pools, spas, beaches and other water sports contact areas are healthy and safe. All new and remodeled public facilities except Berkeley which administers its own food safety program.
Vector Control Prevent human disease, injury, and discomfort by controlling insects, rodents, vermin and other vectors while eliminating environmental conditions that encourage these pests. Support the work of the Public Health Officer.

Assess vector-borne disease outbreaks such as plague, rabies, West Nile virus and Hanta virus. Assist with unusual vector-related disease outbreaks due to structure, habitat, and environmental damage.
ACEHS Vector Control is part of Alameda County Vector Control Services District,
LOP/SLIC Contaminated Site Clean ups Assure environmental regulatory compliance at sites where toxic/hazardous materials releases resulted in soil and groundwater cleanups. Share responsibilities with State and Federal programs.
CUPA/ Hazardous Materials and Hazardous Waste Assure environmental regulatory compliance in currently operating businesses that store and use hazardous materials and/or hazardous waste. Assessment of high risk hazardous materials facilities, including illicit drug labs, in emergency incidents such as chemical release, illicit discharge or fire. ACEHS is the CUPA for the Cities of Alameda, Albany, Castro Valley, Dublin, Emeryville, Piedmont, Newark, San Lorenzo, Sunol, as well as for unincorporated areas of Fremont, Hayward, Livermore, Pleasanton, San Leandro and parts of Byron, Mountain House and Tracy.
The following cities operate their own CUPA (hazardous materials) programs:
Berkeley, Oakland, San Leandro, Hayward, Fremont, Union City, Pleasanton and Livermore.
Bioterrorism Assess bioterrorism agents
Household Hazardous Waste Assure appropriate and safe disposal of hazardous and universal waste from households and commercial sources with very small amounts. Accept a higher than usual volume and different types of wastes.
Solid & Medical Waste Assure appropriate and safe disposal of solid, infectious and medical wastes. Regulate landfills, transfer stations, waste tire facilities, medical waste generators, waste haulers, facilities that perform recycling, waste diversion, treatment and disposal. Registration and inspection of body art establishments. Support the work of the Public Health Officer.
Assure that routine commercial waste services are re-established and continued.
Assure that human and animal remains, as well as debris from damaged structures, are safely removed, stored, transferred and disposed.
In a bio-medical emergency, assure that infectious and medical wastes are properly handled.

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