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Areas of Concern for Impacted Groundwater

Areas of Special Concern

One of the purposes of the Alameda County Onsite Wastewater and Individual/Small Water Systems Ordinance and Regulations is to prevent environmental degradation of surface water and groundwater from onsite disposal of private sewage to the greatest extent possible.

The County regulations identify the following Areas of Special Concern and include special provisions to protect groundwater:

  • Upper Alameda Creek Watershed, above Niles
  • Happy Valley Area, Pleasanton (OWTS Moratorium)
  • Lomitas Avenue Area, Livermore

Subsequent to the adoption of the County Regulations, Zone 7 Water Agency has identified the following four additional Areas of Concern for high Nitrate Concentrations in Groundwater:

  • Buena Vista Avenue, Livermore
  • Mines Road, Livermore
  • May School, Livermore
  • Greenville Road, Livermore

Accordingly, Zone 7 has developed special OWTS permit requirements for new OWTS application in these Areas of Concern for use during the interim between adoption of Zone 7's Nutrient Management Plan and ACEH's Local Agency Management Program (LAMP).

The special permit requirements are designed to reduce the amount of nitrogen loading from OWTS in the above listed areas of concern over time by requiring replacement of old conventional septic tank systems with new treatment systems when the opportunity arises.

Please contact Zone 7 for additional information on these areas.

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