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ACEH Land Use Program Fees

Land Use Program Fee Schedule

A summary of ACEH Land Use Program fees is provided below. The minimum fees below were adopted by the Alameda County Board of Supervisors (effective July 1, 2010), and correspond to costs associated with providing ACEH's minimum regulatory oversight steps listed in the tables on the Forms page. Actual project costs may be more or less than the minimum fees depending on the complexity or magnitude of the proposed project; documents, or lack thereof, contained in ACEH's case files; interagency coordination; the accuracy of documents submitted to ACEH for review; and the number of review cycles required during the approval process. If the initial fee deposit is depleted, an additional deposit equal to the same amount must be paid to ACEH to continue the approval and/or permitting process. Any excess funds will be refunded to you after the final action on your application.

Please note that all fees listed below are subject to change with each fiscal year.

OWTS Service Request Application

For New OWTS construction, and/or repair, replacement, or evaluation of existing OWTS's.

The Service Request Application Form and Tables can be found on the Forms page.

OWTS Project Phase (submit new Service Request Application for each phase) Fee Amount Program Element (PE) Code
Application Processing Fee $145.00 2613
Consultation Meeting $145.00 2613
Site Visit/Evaluation $433.00 2601
OWTS Performance/Site Evaluation $433.00 2601
Existing As-Built Plan Review $433.00 2604
OWTS Design Plans $1,587.00 2602, 2603, 2604
Building Permit Plans $433.00 2604
Construction Permit - Standard OWTS $866.00 2605, 2614
Construction Permit - Advanced OWTS $1,011.00 2605, 2613, 2614
OWTS Abandonment Permit $433.00 2612
OWTS Operating Permit $288.00 2606
OWTS Operating Permit Renewal $288.00 2606
Potable Water Supply Well Source Testing $433.00 2607
Deed Restriction $145.00 2613

There will be a 10 business day application processing period for all application submittals.

OWTS Complaint Investigation & Resolution

For investigation and resolution of complaints from outside parties, including regulatory agencies and the general public.

OWTS Complaint Investigation & Resolution Fee Amount* Program Element (PE) Code
Complaint Processing & File Review $145.00 2601
Complaint Investigation $433.00 2613

ACEH will notify you of additional steps necessary to repair/replace the failing OWTS. Potential additional regulatory oversight fees for design, construction and permitting of the repair/replacement of the failing OWTS are provided in the OWTS Service Request Application Form and Tables. There will be a 10 business day application processing period for all submittals.

Paying Your Fees

All applicable fees must be submitted with completed application forms and supporting documents in order for the project to be placed in the ACEH Land Use Program's review queue. You may pay your fees by check, with a credit card online, via mail, or in-person:

  • To pay by mail, make check payable to: "Alameda County Environmental Health". You may submit the completed application and check to: Alameda County Department of Environmental Health, 1131 Harbor Bay Parkway, Ste 111, Alameda, CA 94502-6540.
  • To pay in person, please visit ACEH (directions) where you may pay via: Visa, MasterCard, Discover or Debit card, cash, or check.
  • To pay your fees online via credit card:
    1. Submit your application via mail (or in person). Please be sure to include a valid email address in your application paperwork in order to complete your payment.
    2. Once your application has been received, ACEH Billing Department will email you a copy of your invoice; you will need this document to pay your fees using the GovTeller Website.
    3. To access the GovTeller website, click here, or go to, and click the "Pay with GovTeller Button".
    4. Please note there will be a consumer fee added to your total amount due.
      • For help using the GovTeller website, please call the GovTeller customer service line at: (800)329-0961.
      • For other billing questions, please call Alameda County Department of Environmental Health Billing, at (510)567-6858.
  • For more information on paying your fees, see the Permits, Billing and Fees page.

Refunds: Please note that all refund requests must be submitted in writing to: 1131 Harbor Bay Parkway, Alameda CA 94502.

Online Services
> Septic System File Review Request Form
(Please include your phone number on the form.)
> OWTS Service Request Application Form (PDF - 263kb)*

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