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What is "Land Use" in Alameda County?

Alameda County Land Use Permitting Departments

What is Land Use?

  • The term "Land Use" is broadly used amongst many regulatory agencies.
  • At the Alameda County Department of Environmental Health (ACEH), "Land Use" refers to the permitting of Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (OWTS), or Septic Systems.
  • Other regulatory agencies commonly associate "Land Use" with the planning and permitting of new development and redevelopment projects to ensure safe and healthy communities.

Permitting Agencies in Unincorporated Areas

ACEH Land Use Program is the lead permitting agency for all OWTS systems with subsurface disposal of domestic strength wastewater in unincorporated areas of Alameda County. For information, see the Permitting Process Page.

Depending on the type of project, other local, regional, state and federal regulatory agencies may be involved in the OWTS permitting process, including but not limited to:

Permitting Agencies in Incorporated Areas

In limited circumstances ACEH Land Use Program works with City governments in incorporated areas of Alameda County to address failed systems. For information, see the Permitting Process Page.

Interagency Coordination for Sites with OWTS's

The planning and permitting process, as well as schedule and cost for regulatory oversight on projects with an OWTS will differ depending on the type of system and complexity of the project, and where the project is located as well as the regulatory agencies involved. The specific permitting process will be identified during consultation with the above listed agencies.

Continual interagency coordination will be required throughout every step of the planning and permitting process in order to obtain the necessary permits. We encourage you to engage the agencies listed above needed in the permitting of your project early in the project planning phase.

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