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Electronic Site Conceptual Model (SCM) Example Format)

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Electronic Site Conceptual Model (SCM) Example Format

The Electronic SCM is a project currently being undertaken in Alameda County. The project consists of developing a new way of compiling, communicating, and archiving SCMs at active fuel release sites. The new approach consists of building a "living electronic document" or "electronic SCM" for compiling and conveying SCMs to project participants.

The electronic SCM was prepared as a table in Microsoft Word and has numerous hyperlinks to supporting data tables, figures, hand-drawn sketches, and supporting documents (these would be included in supplemental folders submitted with the Word SCM document.) This format maximizes the use of tables and graphics that will quickly convey the essential elements of the SCM to all project participants. Hyperlinks to supplemental information such as complete reports, appendices, certified analytical results, etc., are also included. This allows regulators and project participants to "drill down" in the document, as needed, to obtain as much supplemental information as desired.

The links below present the electronic SCM along with additional information about the project. A downloadable version of the electronic SCM is currently being developed and will be available soon on this website.

If you have questions or would like additional information please contact

Introduction to CD -- Read this first(18kb)*
Alameda County SCM presentation at 2003 EPA UST conference(446kb)*

Note: This section on the electronic SCM is under development and more information including a downloadable version of the electronic SCM will be available soon on this website.

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