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Alameda County Arts Commission invites community members to submit nominations for the 2018 Arts Leadership Awards

Submission Deadline: May 15, 2018

Online Submission Form

The Alameda County Arts Commission invites County residents to submit nominations for the 2018 Alameda County Arts Leadership Awards. This annual program enables the Alameda County Arts Commission to recognize five individuals, one from each of the five districts of the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, for their outstanding achievements and contributions impacting the arts community and the residents of Alameda County. Award recipients will be presented to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors by the Arts Commission.

Nominees must be residents of Alameda County. Nominees can be involved in any arts discipline including, but not limited to, music, dance, visual arts, literature, theater, film and video, traditional crafts and folk arts, and new media. Nominees may participate in a wide range of activities with an Alameda County based arts organization such as an artist, staff or board member, volunteer, donor, supporter, advocate, etc. This award is open to all individuals, including youth, who live in Alameda County regardless of race, color, national origin, physical challenge, religious or political affiliations.

Nominations must be submitted by Alameda County residents. Each individual may submit one nomination. Nominations must include a description of the nominee’s major achievements contributing to the arts in the community and the residents of Alameda County; the impact and results of the achievements; and other background information about the nominee’s contributions to the Alameda County arts community such as what distinguishes the nominee from his/her peers or colleagues. The Members of the Alameda County Arts Commission will review the nominations in June. Award recipients will be recognized in October in conjunction with the County’s celebration of California Arts Day and National Arts and Humanities Month.

Purple Silk Musical Education Foundation. Image is courtesy of
the Alameda County Office of Education's Alliance for Arts Learning Leadership.
Purple Silk Musical Education Foundation
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