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Alameda County Prodigal Sons Initiative

What is the Alameda County Prodigal Sons Initiative?

The Alameda County Prodigal Sons Initiative (AC-PSI) is a concept developed by Alameda County Supervisor Keith Carson, Fifth District; and Michael Shaw, Director of the Office of Urban Male Health, Alameda County Public Health Department. The AC-PSI is based on a community engagement model that is designed to assist African American men between the ages of 18 - 60 in reconnecting with their families and communities and becoming community leaders. The men involved in this project will engage in a participatory research project where they will conduct and analyze data. They will present findings that describe conditions that impact and affect them and solutions to remedy these conditions. The research is also a way to understand and confirm institutional assets and liabilities in their communities, and to develop strategies and initiatives to address the challenges that plague our immediate surroundings and the region. Participatory research engages community members in studying an issue they identify, engaging them throughout the research process, building individual and community capacity, and translating and using study findings to develop strategies and initiatives to bring about community and social change.

For more information about the project, please contact Kevin Jenkins at (510) 272-5376 or by email.

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