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Socially Responsible Network

For your future reference, the new web domain for the Socially Responsible Network is

Dear Friend:

History of the SRN

I founded the SRN in 1999 with the idea to bring together like minded organizations in the East Bay. As many of you are aware, I work with many individuals and groups in the East Bay that are engaged in great work. You and I share the challenge of becoming informed about the many other individuals and groups that are doing work in our communities. As a result, I established the Socially Responsible Network to give us an ongoing way of communicating and networking on issues of mutual interest.

We meet twice a year, usually at the First Congregational Church of Oakland. Please join us at our next meeting to meet other socially responsible organizational representatives, share the role of your group with others, and help us to form continuous means to communicate with each other on issues that affect us locally and globally on a daily basis. Together we can establish ways to share and develop common approaches to addressing these challenges.

You can view the SRN Directory: Organizations & Individuals.

For more information, please contact our Co-Chairs, Felicia Moore Jordan or Max Anderson by e-mailing:


Keith Carson, Supervisor
5th District, Alameda County

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