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Linda Gardner
Housing Director
Housing & Community Development Department

Unincorporated Projects

Neighborhood Stabilization Type Graphic
Mom and child on the slide
Area Project Project
Ashland Installation of Fairmont Linear Park, a new playground meeting the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act and its resurfacing. 2007
Ashland Holland Park - Brownfield clean up for construction of new park on East 14th Street and ADA-accessible restrooms. 2008-2011
Castro Valley Adobe Art Center - installation of new ADA-accessible play area and accessible restroom. 2009
Cherryland Grove Way Mural - Installation of a mural project, painted by local youth, to reduce blight and help revitalize the neighborhood through the creation of public art. 2009
Cherryland Meek Estate Park - Improvements including construction of a gazebo and pergola for public gathering places, ADA-compliant restrooms, turf and irrigation improvements and addition of ADA-compliant walkways throughout the park. 2005-2011
Fairview San Felipe Park - construction of ADA-compliant restrooms. 2007
San Lorenzo San Lorenzo Park - construction of ADA-compliant restrooms. 2012

DSAL Warehouse
Project Project
4C's - Training and support to increase in-home child care providers in the Unincorporated County. 2008-2012
Ashland Community Center - Original construction supported by CDBG, as well as the rehabilitation to create space to locate the Sheriff's Community Oriented Policing (COPPS) Unit there 2010-2011
Community Resources for Independent Living (CRIL) - Renovations to disability services center. 2006-2007
Davis Street - Rehabilitation of storage space for food pantry for low-income clients 2014
Deputy Sheriff's Activities League Dig Deep Farms - Planning and Infrastructure improvements to expand the operations of community-based farm providing job training and employment for at-risk youth and people leaving incarceration, as well as providing a source for fresh produce in the area. 2011-2014
Eden I&R - 211 System - Share of cost for county-wide information and referral phone service. 2005, 2007, 2009-2013
Fair Housing - Funding of fair housing and tenant/landlord services. 2005-2013
Family Emergency Shelter Coalition (FESCO) - renovations to add wheelchair access to transitional housing for homeless families, acquisition of a Counseling Center. Purchase of a solar energy system, fence replacement, and installation of ADA-compliant play equipment and interior rehabilitation. 2008-2013
Hayward Day Labor Center - solar energy employment training 2010-2011
Homeless Management Information System - Share of cost of county-wide system on homeless services and shelter provision and population. 2009-2013
Hope 4 the Heart - Construction of a surplus food distribution warehouse. 2009-2013
Housing Rights Inc - Rental housing inspections for habitability problems. 2010
MHR/Rehab Programs - Funding of the rehabilitation of approximately 15-25 single family units yearly for low-income homeowners in the unincorporated county. 2005-2014
Seventh Step Foundation - Improvements to Freedom House Rehabilitation Facility. 2010-2011
Spectrum Community Services - Feasibility, construction and rehabilitation of a centralized community kitchen for home-delivered meals programs. 2007-2014
Women on the Way - Improvements to Rehabilitation and Recovery Center. 2011-2013

Kent gardens
Area Project Project
Ashland Rehabilitation of low-income Quail Run apartment building. 2008
Ashland Assistance with the funding of the new construction of 88 units of family housing in Ashland Family Apartments. 2013
Ashland Grounds improvements of Eden House, a low-income housing complex, including a new playground and garden. 2009, 2013
Castro Valley Bay Area Community Services - Renovations to Weinreb House supportive housing center. 2007
Cherryland FESCO - Green renovations and solar power on Banyan House transitional housing for homeless families. 2008-2013
Cherryland Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency (BOSS) - Installation of solar power on Pacheco Court and Meekland Apartments housing for homeless households. 2007-2009
Cherryland Rehabilitation of low-income apartment building on Meekland Avenue. 2007
Cherryland Rehabilitation of low-income apartment building on Pacheco Court. 2007
Cherryland Funding of ADA-complaint rehabilitation of the showers and baths, installation of fire alarm panel and acquisition of 65 Stryker evacuation chairs for disabled individuals in Wittenberg Manor, an independent living facility for low-income seniors. 2012, 2013
Fairview Rehabilitation of Woodroe Avenue residential facility. 2006, 2008, 2009
San Lorenzo Assisted in new construction of Kent Gardens, low-income senior apartment building. 2005

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