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Alameda County, CA,

Linda Gardner
Housing Director
Housing & Community Development Department

Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP)

For Sale

NSP homes have been carefully renovated with the safety, health and comfort of future residents in mind. Costly repairs and code violations have been taken care of before the homes are put on the market. NSP homes have many great features and are good bargains.

$ Benefits passed on to you

Each of the NSP homes are former vacant or foreclosed upon homes that increased blight in their communities. Our Development Partners purchased the homes from the bank, assessed the needs of the home, obtained permits, hired licensed contractors and completed needed. In that process, funds are invested to bring the home up to standards and improve the community surrounding the homes.

In each NSP home, there are substantial financial benefits passed on to the new homeowner:

For example, one NSP home in Livermore was purchased from the bank for $231,881. Renovations to the home cost $152,698 bringing the total cost to over $380,000. In order to make the home affordable for the new buyer, the home was sold for $285,000. This means that the new homeowner did not have to pay for almost $100,000 worth of value in the home.

Purchase price from bank $231,881
Quality renovation costs $152,698
Total costs $384,579
Home sale price to new homebuyer $285,000
Financial benefit to new homeowner $99,579

Quality features

The County worked diligently with its Development Partners to craft a program that will provide community stabilization as well as housing which new buyers would be proud to live in. The following items are provided to the Buyer who participates in the NSP Program.

Due diligence and hazardous materials

  1. Clearance of all Section 1 findings in Home Inspection/ Pest Reports
  2. Home inspection describes the home as having a sound foundation
  3. Lead abatement, when required, is performed by a certified lead abatement professional
  4. Asbestos abatement, when required, is performed by a certified asbestos removal professional

Quality Improvements

  1. Work completed with building permits as required by building department
  2. Roof must have greater than five years of useful life remaining
  3. Homes with a new pitched roof, have a minimum 20-year warranty on materials
  4. Knob and tube wiring replaced to meet or exceed current code
  5. New or restored cabinetry in kitchen and baths
  6. New or restored kitchen countertops
  7. Washer and dryer hookups
  8. Low-flow toilets
  9. Wired for phone
  10. Ground cover and/or landscaping in the front yard

Homebuyer Assistance Benefits

  1. Low homebuyer down payment (between 1.75% and 3%)
  2. Home orientation offered to each buyer to learn about the details of their new home
  3. One (1) year home warranty provided by a third party warranty company

How to Qualify to Purchase a NSP Home

NSP homes are not available to everyone. Qualification begins by determining if you are eligible to buy one of the renovated homes. If you meet all four of the following conditions, you may be a perfect candidate:

  1. You must have a household income of:
    • Less than $77,640 for a household of 1
    • Less than $88,680 for a household of 2
    • Less than $99,720 for a household of 3
    • Less than $110,760 for a household of 4
    • Less than $119,640 for a household of 5
    • Less than $128,532 for a household of 6
  2. This home must be your primary residence.
  3. You must have at least a 1.75 % down payment to put toward the purchase.
  4. You are committed to take eight hours of homebuyer education classes designed to prepare you for homeownership. It will demystify the process and help you improve your financial profile.

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