Michelle Starratt
Housing Director
Housing & Community Development Department


Hearth ACT/Continuum of Care Reports

Annual Performance Reports for all Continuum of Care Programs

HUD requires submission of the Annual Performance Report for all Continuum of Care funded Grants. These reports are due on the anniversary of the grants start date. Each grant has its own anniversary date, and must track the due date. Reports are due to HUD 90 days after the end of the grant period.

If HCD is the Grantee, we require that our contractors turn in the APR to HCD within 30 days of the end of the grant period. Non-HCD grantees should forward a copy of their completed APR to HCD for use in the annual Continuum of Care application.

Reports should be emailed to Flora Shek at flora.shek@acgov.org.

Additional information can be found at the website below: