Ballot Measure A: Alameda County Child Care and Early Education Measure

Election Results

Measure A, the County's Child Care and Early Education Initiative, which was on the June ballot, received 66.20% of the votes, falling less than one-half of a percent short, or just over 1,600 votes, of the 66.67% needed to pass. This means that 214,955 Alameda County voters support increased access to quality ECE and better pay for teachers and providers. At their meeting on July 24, the Board of Supervisors voted to table the motion to put the measure on the November 2018 ballot.

Ballot Measure A was defeated in the election

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After consideration of community feedback, the Alameda County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously (5-0) to put a one-half percent sales tax on the June 5, 2018 Alameda County ballot. Information on the initiative is detailed below. Please visit this page often for new informational updates in the coming months.

Ballot Measure text: To expand access to childcare and preschool for low- and middle-income families; help homeless and at-risk children, including help preventing child abuse and neglect; attract and retain quality childcare workers; and add spaces for childcare at locations throughout the county, shall the County of Alameda enact a 30-year 0.5% sales tax providing approximately 140 million dollars annually with citizens' oversight, public disclosure of spending, and mandatory annual audits?

chart explaining the Alameda County Child Care and Early Education Measure

Alameda County Child Care And Early Education Program Plan Summary Of Plan Components

Program Component 1: New Scholarships

Establish the Alameda County Child Care and Early Learning Scholarship program that would add thousands of new high quality child care and early education scholarships for Alameda County families by:

  1. Providing child care and early education and additional supports for homeless families and children, and those who need it most.
  2. Reducing child care and early education waiting lists, especially for infants and toddlers. This program will take place throughout the County, in all Districts.
  3. Directing additional resources to address local needs based on qualified families.
  4. Re-establish a centralized eligibility list for more equitable access to new and existing scholarships.

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Program Component 2: Improve Quality and Increase Wages

The goals for this component of the program are to:

  1. Increase the quality of child care and early education by expanding programs that provide training and coaching for the early childhood workforce. This will take place throughout the County, in all Districts.
  2. Raise early educator pay to at least $15 per hour for participating providers, and address other work supports. This will take place throughout the County, in all Districts.
  3. Assist in attracting and retaining quality child care and early education providers.
  4. Improve mental health and parent, family, friend and neighbor support services.
  5. Expand and maintain high quality early childhood environments and facilities.

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Governing Body And Organizational Structure

The Board of Supervisors will designate:

  1. Administering Entity: First 5 Alameda County or similar entity
  2. Citizen's Oversight Committee
  3. Planning and Advisory Council: Early Care and Education Planning Council or similar entity

The Plan includes a five year planning cycle with the Administering Entity for the following components:

  1. Community Needs Assessment
  2. Services and Allocation Plan
  3. Selection of Contractors

The Plan includes broad collaboration with stakeholders to disseminate information in public meetings or through brochures or pamphlets, as well as regular evaluation, including tracking results for children, families as well as child care providers and early educators.

chart displaying Initial Estimated Program Allocation, with Improved Quality and Wages at 38%, Evaluation and Reserve at 3%, and New Scholarships at 59%
Plan Component Initial Estimated Allocation Estimated Annual Dollar Amount (millions)*
Evaluation & Reserve 3.0% $ 4.20
Improved Quality & Wages** 38.0% $ 53.20
Base Quality/Wage Improvement 33.50% $ 46.90
Facilities 2.00% $ 2.80
Workforce Pipeline 1.00% $ 1.40
Innovation 1.00% $ 1.40
Mental Health Support Services 0.50% $ 0.70
New Scholarships** 59.0% $ 82.60
Base New Scholarships 41.1% $ 57.54
Regional Pools 17.9% $ 25.06
* Based on $140 million estimated annual revenue
** Includes technical assistance, case management, program implementation, contract oversight & other administrative costs