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"Nicole was born on August 25, 1982 with developmental delays and low muscle tone. As an infant, she was unable to crawl and didn't walk until she was 26 months old. We first realized that Nicole had serious delays when we enrolled her in preschool. She was unable to do the things that children her age could easily accomplish. These pictures show Nicole from infancy to adulthood. Despite her delays, we encouraged her to be part of many social and school activities.

Nicole is now 21 years old. She lives with different caregivers in her own apartment. She is learning to be as independent as possible. When she finishes school this year, she will join an adult program for the disabled in Danville."

From Toddler to High School Graduate

Nicole at 3 months
Nicole at 3 months

Nicole at 6 months
Nicole at 6 months and her brother Daniel at 3 yrs old. She could not sit up without pillows.

Nicole at 3 and a half
First special needs class at 3 1/2 yrs old.

Nicole at 5 years
Nicole at 5 yrs old.

Nicole at 7 years
Nicole at 7 yrs old.

Nicole at 5 years
Girl Scouts - Daisy's at 5 yrs old.

Nicole at 8 years
Dancing in special education classroom at 8 yrs old.

Nicole at 4 years
Nicole at 4 yrs old and Daniel at 6 yrs old.

Nicole in 2000
Christmas Dance 2000

Nicole at 18 years
Nicole on Christmas at 18 yrs old.

Nicole in 2000
San Ramon High School Graduation 2000

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