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Building Maintenance Department - photo showing solar panels and castro valley library.


Charges for services performed by the Building Maintenance Department are computed by the Accounting Section of the General Services Agency, and can be divided into three principle categories:

  1. Maintenance and Space Costs - This category covers the cost of operating and maintaining County-owned and leased buildings. It includes rent on leased buildings, utilities, housekeeping, grounds maintenance, and general upkeep of the property.

    An estimate of costs is charged monthly to the departmental Account 3851, Building Maintenance Department Space Rental. When actual costs are determined quarterly, the estimates are adjusted to actual amounts. These costs are charged to departments as determined by a space survey. The space survey, made quarterly, indicates each department's square foot occupancy in County buildings (other than hospitals which bill-out their own space costs).

  2. Inter-Department Services Orders (IDSO) or GSA / BMD Service Request - This category of charges covers requests from departments for minor Building Maintenance Department services for the convenience and betterment of a specific department. Examples of this type of service are: Installing electrical outlets, rearrangement of partitions, maintenance or repair of departmental furnishings or equipment, etc.

    Costs of labor, overhead, and materials are accumulated for each IDSO, and upon completion of the job, costs are forwarded to the Auditor-Controller’s Office for charging to the respective departments.

  3. Project Billings - The costs of Special Projects are accumulated by project and cost data forwarded to the Auditor-Controller's Office for billing to department accounts at the end of the fiscal year along with an appropriation to match costs.

    The costs of Major Maintenance is accumulated by project and cost data is forwarded to the Auditor-Controller's office for billing to departments at end of the fiscal year along with an appropriation to match costs.

    The costs of Enterprise Projects are accumulated by project and the costs are charged to departments on a monthly journal voucher.

For further information on building maintenance billing, call GSA- Accounting, (510) 208-9715.

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