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Janitorial Services

The Janitorial Services Division provides janitorial services to County facilities. Janitorial work is performed on an ongoing basis by either County forces or by purchase order contract, depending on service requirements, location and costs. The department is not responsible for housekeeping services at Highland or Fairmont Hospitals.

Routine services consist of office cleaning, restroom cleaning, floor and carpet care, dusting, window washing and trash removal.

The following guidelines are what you should expect in the way of routine janitorial services:


  1. Wastebaskets and trash containers are to be emptied. (Cartons or other material left adjacent to wastebaskets will not be removed. Do not place anything on or in a trash container unless it is intended for disposal).
  2. Desk tops, counter tops and other working surfaces are to be dusted. Cluttered surfaces will not be dusted due to the possibility of disturbing occupants' work.
  3. Scraps of paper and other debris on floors are to be picked up. Repetitive, or deliberately caused debris will warrant notification to the manager of the problem area.
  4. Restrooms are to be cleaned, sanitized and stocked with supplies.
  5. Exterior entryways to buildings, from the door to the curb line are to be swept or washed down. Other public sidewalks and parking lots are cleaned by the garden crew.
  6. Glass at entrances is to be cleaned.
  7. Burned out lights that can be reached from a six foot ladder are to be replaced. (Lights that cannot be reached from a six foot ladder are replaced by the building engineers. The janitor is to notify the building engineer of lamps he cannot change).
  8. Vacuuming is performed weekly; however, in high traffic areas, it may be more frequently performed.
  9. Waste paper is recycled. The frequency of collection and department involvement varies at each site.


  1. Carpets are to be vacuumed.
  2. Floors, including stairways, are to be swept and/or damp mopped.
  3. File cabinets, shelving, window sills, ledges, furniture, etc., are to be dusted. Surfaces excessively cluttered with papers and personal objects will not be dusted.
  4. Walls, doors, venetian blinds, etc. are to be spot cleaned as needed.

As Needed and Determined by Janitorial Supervisor:

  1. Floors will be stripped and rewaxed.
  2. Carpets will be shampooed.
  3. Walls will be washed.
  4. Interior/exterior windows will be cleaned.
  5. Furniture, draperies, venetian blinds, etc., will be cleaned and/or washed.

Materials and equipment utilized in the program are reviewed periodically by the Purchasing Agent's Standards Committee and the program is adjusted as new recommendations are warranted. Contract specifications for contract services are reviewed at the end of each contract term for changes that might lead to improved services or cost reductions. All buildings are inspected at least bi-weekly by the janitorial supervisory staff to ensure that maintenance of acceptable service levels are achieved. Services are provided during daytime hours to provide more responsive service. Requests for adjustments in service or comments regarding services should be directed to the Manager, Janitorial Services (510) 208-9537.

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