Career Ladders

If you've ever wondered how to get from here to there in your professional life, a career ladder tool can help you identify where you want to go and the steps necessary to get there. The career ladders developed by HRS can help you navigate our classification system when planning your next career opportunity within Alameda County.

Career ladders identify a sequence of job classifications through which an employee can typically progress from entry level to positions of higher levels of pay, skill, responsibility, and authority. We've developed approximately 90 career ladders representing each County Agency or Department along with several countywide career paths. These career ladders don't include every career path in Alameda County, but focus on the classifications that offer typical career mobility and advancement. If you are interested in reviewing all our classifications and their respective job descriptions, click here.

How to Navigate this Page: To view the listing of available career ladders, select countywide or a specific department you’re interested in. Then, click on the career ladder to view the classifications included in that ladder. If you then click on the title of any included classification you’ll see an organization chart, and be directed to the job description and salary information for that classification.

We hope that you enjoy this tool as you explore and reflect on your next career endeavor!
Graphic of Career Ladder