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Interagency Children's Policy Council's Logo and picture showing 4 smiling children.

Role Statement

ICPC is an interagency network established to promote joint planning, collaboration and innovation in policy and program development resulting in effective children and family services.

ICPC achieves its mission by developing and maintaining a network of county and community partners whose charge is to:

  • Foster communication by providing a forum for discussing issues impacting children and families.
  • Facilitate collaboration through joint planning and research efforts that inform a collective vision for Alameda County children, youth and families.
  • Advance the values, policies and practices of effective cross systems collaboration.
  • Create strategic alliances among key public and private stakeholders to support innovative programs, services and funding strategies.
  • Promote systems accountability and performance measures that support the evaluation of children and family services in Alameda County.

Core Functions

  • Research, planning, and policy development
  • Advocacy
  • Communication, coordination, relationship broker
  • Convening and facilitation
  • Resource Development
  • Incubation of services

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