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Alameda County, CA,
Alameda Lafco, Local Agency Formation Commission

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Municipal Service Reviews & Sphere of Influence Updates

Alameda LAFCo is responsible for updating the spheres of influence (SOIs) for the 14 cities and 34 special districts under LAFCo jurisdiction in Alameda County. An SOI is a plan for the probable physical boundaries and service area for these cities and special districts (click here for Alameda LAFCo's SOI policies). This page provides an opportunity to submit comments to LAFCo on any of the below listed agencies.

Pursuant to Government Code Section 56430, Alameda LAFCo is conducting municipal service reviews (MSRs) for each agency under LAFCo jurisdiction (click here for Alameda LAFCo's MSR policies). The MSRs provide an in-depth look at providers' service levels and adequacy, financing, and governance; are an opportunity for communities and agencies to examine services, service needs, use of resources, and possibilities for partnerships with other agencies; and contain determinations that serve as guidelines to inform and support the Commission's decisions about SOIs.

Stay tuned for upcoming draft reviews

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