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New Beginnings is an innovative Alameda County Initiative that prepares youth for the future through education and job skills development.

New Beginnings uses on-the-job training, mentorship, and creative expression to encourage positive outcomes for at-risk youth. The program seeks to inspire the personal confidence and professional competencies youth need to become engaged members of our diverse communities.

County Administrator Susan S. Muranishi initiated the program in 2007 and serves as the chairperson of the New Beginnings Advisory Committee. The New Beginnings program seeks to leverage private sector partnerships to offer employment experience to youth who might otherwise face difficulties entering the workforce. Initial ventures have focused on food service and retail.

The County continues to seek new opportunities to support at-risk youth by engaging the private sector in socially-responsible partnerships.


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Tilemosaics created by participants in the Alameda County Arts Commission's Creative Power: Arts Education Program of the Alameda County Juvenile Justice Center.

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New Beginnings has produced six series of note cards developed in partnership with Alameda County Arts Commission.
For information about the 100 Families Program, Arts Education Program and Public Art Program, go to

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Beyond Emancipation, an Alameda-County based non-profit, recruits and mentors emancipated foster youth as part of the New Beginnings Fellowship Program.
b:e works in partnership with Alameda County's Social Services Agency, Children and Family Services, and Independent Living Skills Program (ILSP).

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The Bite, a Fresh Start café is a local small business providing healthy food to the San Lorenzo community through its café at the REACH Ashland Youth Center. The Bite trains youth interns in food preparation and customer service. Open to the public and available for catering (510) 481-4548.

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Dig Deep Farms & Produce, developed by the Alameda County Deputy Sheriff's Activities League (DSAL), is a community owned urban farming business employing Ashland/Cherryland residents and building the local economy. Their Community-Supported Agriculture boxes are available for sale to County employees in Downtown Oakland, and to the greater community at numerous other sites.

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The Probation Department's Camp Wilmont Sweeney is an unlocked, 24-hour residential program for minors age 15 through 18 ordered by the Juvenile Court to be committed to the Camp. Camp Sweeney recommends qualified residents to internships and training at the Training Grounds Fresh Start café located at the Juvenile Justice Center.

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The Youth Employment Partnership, inc. provides and supports on-the-job food service training at Training Grounds, the Fresh Start café at the Juvenile Justice Center.