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How to Buy Note Cards...

Donation Information:

All proceeds benefit New Beginnings. Donation can be sent by check.

Make check payable to "Alameda County - New Beginnings".

Mail envelope to:
General Accounting
1221 Oak Street, Rm. 220
Oakland, CA 94612

Attn: New Beginnings

If you would like to learn more about Beyond Emancipation's Employment programs contact:Betty Jo Rueben.

Lauren Baranco, New Beginnings Associate
1221 Oak Street. Suite 220, Oakland, CA 94612
Phone (510) 891-5696

Susan S. Muranishi, County Administrator
County Administration Building, 1221 Oak Street, Oakland, CA 94612
Phone (510) 272-3862

Aki K. Nakao, Program Administrator and Director of General Services Agency
1401 Lakeside Drive, Suite 1005, Oakland, CA 94612
Phone (510) 208-9700