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Internship/Fellowship Program

New Beginnings Fellowship Program 2013

Feedback from supervisors, participating Fellows, program operators, County staff supporting Fellowship activities, and New Beginnings Staff was consistent: host the New Beginnings Fellowship Program again in 2013, but this time make it longer term.

New Beginnings continues to improve upon its past successes and launched the 2013 Fellowship Program for a selective cohort of transition-aged youth in need of networking and job opportunity for an extended 6-month term. This fellowship grew its reputation and scope as Fellows developed longer and deeper working relationships with their supervisors, staff and other positive mentors and peers, while capitalizing on a chance to further hone marketable skills. For the second year in a row, Beyond Emancipation served as the program operator, providing referrals, case management, workshop facilitation, and day to day support for fellows and supervisors throughout the tenure of their 6-month Fellowships. We graduated 18 young professionals from the Fellowship Program on December 6, 2013 amid congratulations from dozens of supportive County staff and partners that represent the community that opened up to embrace these Fellows. Stay in touch via our facebook page or email New Beginnings for more information and for news on the 2014 cohort.

New Beginnings Fellowship Program 2012

The 2012 New Beginnings Fellowship Program (NBFP) supported 21 young adults, all former foster youth, in meaningful summer employment with Alameda County. Program participants reflected on their developing skill sets, stating, "I have better problem-solving skills as well as communication skills with my peers and potential employers." County employees who supervised program participants said highlights were "being a participant in the program and being able to provide a fellow an opportunity".

The focus of the 2012 NBFP was on career exploration, peer coaching, and self-confidence building through inspirational work experience. NBFP emphasizes exposure to a variety of occupations, mentors, and contacts across the County through interactive workshops and enrichment programs, engaging a diverse cross section of County departments and employees. Successful activities included: volunteering at the Alameda County Food Bank, a financial literacy workshop, speed networking with County employees, and a field trip to the Highland Hospital ATR Project, involving participation from multiple agencies, even those that did not sponsor a Fellow.

New Beginnings Summer Internship Pilot 2011

Building on New Beginnings' vision of an Alameda County with youth who are connected and engaged in their community and future, New Beginnings is pleased to announce the County's Summer Internship Pilot which ran from July 5th through August 26th, 2011.

The program introduced 32 Alameda County young adults to careers in public service. Twelve departments hosted 18-24 year-old interns in an eight-week internship structured around skill-building and worksite experience. Operated in partnership with Berkeley Youth Alternatives and Hayward Adult School with referrals from Beyond Emancipation and Youth Uprising, the internship program included an orientation to county government, weekly character-building workshops, and culminated in a field trip on a Coast Guard Boat operated by the Alameda County Sheriff's Office around the San Francisco Bay.

The focal point of the internship was the onsite work experience with the respective Departments: Assessor, Auditor-Controller, Department of Child Support Services, Library, Probation, General Services Agency, Public Works, Social Services Agency, Fire Department, Sheriff's Department, and Workforce Investment Board. Projects undertaken by interns included:

  • Determining county residents' Medi-Cal Eligibility for the Social Services Agency, significantly increasing the number of families who will successfully retain ongoing Health Insurance benefits
  • Assisting the Library Foundations' fundraising campaign
  • Working with the Chief of Probation to gather a resource database for youth and adults
  • Staffing the District Attorneys' KidZone
  • Organizing a resource library for Human Resources' Training Department
  • Conducting community outreach for the Fire and Sheriff Departments

This summer's cohort graduated on Tuesday, August 23rd with a reception attended by their supervisors, program staff, Alameda County Department Heads, District Attorney Nancy O'Malley, Supervisor Keith Carson, and County Administrator Susan Muranishi Muranishi. Both interns and supervisors shared positive stories about their experiences this summer, and words of encouragement for interns as they continue along their career paths. Please check back soon for updates on future New Beginnings programs.