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Healthy Food Programs

Revolution Foods Vending Machine Pilot

In December of 2011, New Beginnings launched a pilot with Revolution Foods testing healthy choice vending machines in five locations in County buildings in downtown Oakland and San Leandro. The machines offer snacks that are not fried and are free of artificial ingredients, high fructose corn syrup and artificial trans fats. Revolution Foods, an Oakland-based provider of healthy and organic school lunches and packaged food, will donate 10% of all sales from those machines to New Beginnings.

Dig Deep Farms Farms Farms Produce Delivery

New Beginnings has partnered with the Alameda County Sheriffs' Deputy Sheriffs' Activities League (DSAL)'s newest project-Dig Deep Farms Farms-to offer locally-grown, pesticide-free produce to employees at selected county office buildings.

Dig Deep Farms employs youth in the Ashland-Cherryland community in San Leandro to farm, source, distribute, and market fresh produce. They grow much of their produce on underused plots throughout the county. The program hopes to offer healthy options in a community that public health experts refer to as a food desert-a region that lacks convenient sources of nutritious food. Dig Deep Farms's young staff live in the area and are among the biggest drivers of Ashland-Cherryland's transformation to a healthy, thriving community.

Dig Deep Farms's produce boxes are among the best values in the region and include offerings so fresh you could have sworn they were grown in your back yard! New Beginnings has partnered with Dig Deep Farms to offer its weekly produce boxes in three county office buildings (1401 Lakeside Drive, 1221 Oak Street, and 2000 Pablo St. in Oakland), but home delivery is available to county and non-county employees throughout much of the East Bay.

Visit their website for more information and to sign up: