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Alameda County, CA,
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Chief Harris

LaDonna M. Harris
Chief Probation Officer

Executive Team

LaDonna M. Harris
Chief Probation Officer

Dennis Handis
Acting Chief of Staff

Marcus Dawal
Acting Deputy Chief Probation
Officer, Adult Services

Kathy Martinez
Deputy Chief Probation Officer, Juvenile Services

Esa Ehmen-Krause
Deputy Chief Probation Officer, Juvenile Facilities


The Alameda County Probation Department, as a partner in the criminal justice system, protects and serves our diverse community, offers services to victims, and provides rehabilitative opportunities to offenders in compliance with State law.

Core Values

  • Commitment to community protection and service
  • Commitment to preservation of the family
  • Commitment to staff development, training and support
  • Diversity of staff
  • Integrity of staff
  • Empowerment of staff to promote respectful, forthright communication
  • Recognition of the potential for positive change in all people
  • Recognition of staff as the Department's most important resource
  • Respect and support for the dignity of all individuals

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