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Programs & Services - Adult Services

Section 1203 of the Penal Code defines and authorizes Probation as a sentencing option when persons are convicted of a law violation.

Probation is defined as, "The suspension of the imposition or execution of a sentence, and the order of conditional and revocable release in the community under the supervision of a Probation Officer."


Probation Officers investigate and evaluate offenders referred by the Courts. Investigators provide reports that assist the Courts in making appropriate sentencing dispositions. The reports address public safety, the nature of the offense, victim loss, and the defendant's social and criminal history.


Court officers appear in court, as scheduled, to represent the Department on probation matters. Court Officers screen and calendar petitions; present probation reports and recommendations; provide input to the courts for clarification; record court orders, instructions and/or comments from the court; and act as liaisons between the Department and the courts.


The level of offender services provided is determined by the Adult Services classification system. To provide an opportunity for rehabilitation while ensuring public safety, traditional supervision services are offered in conjunction with specialized programs.

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  • Domestic Violence
    Deputies work with the Courts, police, victim advocates and other community resources to provide services to domestic violence cases and to comply with the California Penal Code Section 1203.097.

    Our goal is to reduce incidents of domestic violence by providing a variety of special services.

    To meet our goals of batterer accountability, victim safety and compliance with legal mandates, the Department:
    • Has dedicated domestic and family violence caseloads and designated staff
    • Classifies all domestic violence cases or cases with domestic violence conditions for maximum level of supervision
    • Provides extensive training for staff supervising domestic violence caseloads
    • Provides resource information and collects court-ordered restitution for victims
    • Works in collaboration with community-based organizations and actively participates on the Alameda County Family Violence Council
    • Approves and monitors batterers' intervention programs, pursuant to Penal Code 1203.097 and 1203.098, to serve the culturally diverse population of the County

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  • Sex Offender
    Sex offenders are required to register annually within 5 days of his/her birthday, or more frequently if transient or homeless. Pursuant to provisions of Section 290 of the Penal Code, the duty to register is a lifetime requirement.

    Whenever a registrant moves, they must notify both the jurisdiction into which they move and the jurisdiction in which they last registered.

    In an effort to improve service delivery to Sex Offender clients and for the protection of the community, the Probation Department provides intensive supervision and utilizes community resources to reduce illegal behaviors of sexual offenders.

    All persons on probation for sex offenses receive the highest level of supervision.
  • High-risk Caseload
    Adult Services has two High-Risk Caseloads that currently serve young men ages 18-24 that reside in 94601, 94607 and 94621 zip code areas.

    Our goal is to protect the community, provide comprehensive services to clients, reduce recidivism and substance abuse among probationers by enforcing conditions of Probation through education and use of community resources and rehabilitative services.

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Pre-convicted young adults who are charged with possession of small amounts of illegal drugs for sale without violence or weapons being involved, and who have lived essentially crime-free lives, have an opportunity to be offered an alternative to felony prosecution. Since 1991, eligible pre-convicted felons are provided special programming and supervision which includes having volunteer mentors assigned to them.

PROPOSITION 36 (Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act)

The Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act of 2000 mandates treatment in lieu of incarceration for people convicted of felony and misdemeanor drug possession only. The Proposition and the Alameda County plan specify the collaboration of criminal justice partners (Courts, Public Defender, District Attorney, Parole and Probation) with Behavioral Health Care Services.

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TASK FORCES - Collaboration with other law enforcement agencies includes:

  • Alameda County Narcotics Task Force
    ACNTF is composed of members of criminal justice agencies organized to interdict and disrupt the flow and distribution of drugs into Alameda County; target, investigate and prosecute responsible individuals who drug traffic and money-launder; and seize assets derived from such activity. The assigned deputy assists in the investigation, surveillance, identification and apprehension of such individuals while supervising a caseload of offenders involved in drug trafficking.
  • Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement Task Force
    SAFE focuses on predatory sex offenders to reduce sexual assault crimes. The assigned Deputy is dedicated to full-time task force activities which include collaboration with municipal, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies to monitor the registration and activities of known sexual offenders.
  • Alameda County Regional Auto Theft Task Force
    ACRATT addresses vehicle theft. The assigned deputy participates with other law enforcement members in gathering and disseminating information about illegal activities involving auto theft, including searches, victim identification and loss restoration.
  • Southern Alameda County Gang Violence Suppression Task Force
    SACGVSTF is an organization devoted to investigation and prohibition of organized gang violence; disruption of major organized gang networks; targeting, investigation and prosecution of those who lead or engage in gang enterprises; and seizure of assets derived from gang activities. The assigned deputy assists in the investigation, surveillance, identification and apprehension of gang probation violators and supervises a caseload of such offenders.
  • Police & Correctional Team Task Force
    PACT is comprised of members from Oakland Police Department, California Department of Corrections, and the Deputy assigned to represent the Probation Department. This task force identifies, monitors and closely supervises probationers, as well as persons on parole who have a high probability of relapsing into criminal behavior. Intervention and referrals, participation in searches, preparation of revocation petitions and apprehension of persons with outstanding warrants are among the activities of the Deputy.

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