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Alameda County, CA,

Military and Overseas Voters

Under the Federal UOCAVA Act of 1986, Military/ Uniformed Service Members and United States citizens living outside the territorial limits of the United States or the District of Columbia for reasons of employment, study programs or military service (including the spouse or dependents of one serving in the military) are eligible to register to vote and request a Vote By Mail ballot.

Register and Request a Vote by Mail Ballot

In order to vote as a military or overseas voter, you must complete a Federal Post Card Application (FPCA)

  • Download the FPCA here Federal Post Card Application. For Instructions on how to complete this form visit the Federal Voting Assistance Program website. FPCA forms are also available at the Voting Assistance Office of any military base or American Embassy/Consulate offices.
  • Visit the Federal Voting Assistance Program website FPCA forms are also available at the Voting Assistance Office of any military base or American Embassy/Consulate offices. Or;
  • Mail your completed FPCA to:

    Alameda County

    Registrar of Voters Office

    P.O. Box 24224

    Oakland, CA 94623

NOTE: The FPCA Form must be received by the Registrar of Voters office on or before the deadline, 15 days prior to an election. It is recommended that voters outside the United States apply as early as possible to ensure timely delivery and return of their ballot. Voted ballots must be in this office by 8:00 PM Election Day.

Federal Voting Assistance Program FAQs

Official Vote By Mail Ballot Receipt Preference

Military/Overseas voters my chose how to receive their official vote by mail ballot: by mail, fax, or online. If military/overseas voters wish to change their ballot receipt preference, they may fill out a new Federal Post Card Application.

Accessing Military/Overseas Vote By Mail Ballots Electronically

Military/Overseas voters who chose to receive their Official Ballots online, can now login in to the 'My Military/Overseas Voter Information page' to download the Official Ballot for any upcoming elections they are eligible to vote in. Please click on the desired language link below to begin. On this page you will be asked to input your Date of Birth, California Driver’s License/California I.D. card number or the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.

Once logged in, a military/overseas voter will be able to download their Official Ballot, Oath of Voter Form, and Identification Envelope Form. These three documents must be returned to the Registrar of Voters’ office by 8:00 PM (Pacific Standard Time) on an election day.

If you have any questions regarding military/overseas voting, you may contact our office at (510) 272-6973 or you can email us.

Per the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA) and Military and Overseas Voting Empowerment (MOVE) guidelines, voted ballot(s) can only be returned via mail or fax.