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Ranked-Choice Voting Accumulated Results
- City Attorney - Oakland (RCV)

Accumulated results last updated:  Friday, November 18, 2016; 8:11 PM  (Certified Final Results)

Sequoia Voting Systems: RCV Results Summary Report for City Attorney - Oakland (RCV)
Ranked Choice Voting Results Table
Contest: City Attorney - Oakland (RCV)
Load Type: Complete
  Round 1
  Votes % Transfer
BARBARA J. PARKER 128029 100.00% 0
Write-In 0 0.00% 0
Exhausted by Over Votes 148   0
Under Votes 49454   0
Exhausted Ballots 0   0
Continuing Ballots 128029 100.00%  
TOTAL 177631   0
REMARKS *Tie resolved in accordance with election law.

NOTE: The Ranked-Choice Voting Report for Round 1 combines the accumulated totals of first-choice rankings as well as the second- or third-choice selections transferred to the first-choice ranking selections when the first-choice ranking was skipped.

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