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Use Codes
The Assessor’s Use Code has been designed for use by this department for the purpose of appraising properties for assessment purposes only.

The Assessor’s Office does NOT recommend other agencies (Cities, School, Districts, Special Districts, etc.) use these Use Codes for any other purpose and is not responsible for any inaccurate determinations on their part when using these Use Codes.

Revenue and Tax Code Sec. 408.3(d) - The Legislature finds and declares that information concerning property characteristics is maintained solely for assessment purposes and is not continuously updated by the assessor. Therefore, neither the county nor the assessor shall incur any liability for errors, omissions, or approximations with respect to property characteristics information provided by the assessor to any party pursuant to this section. Further, this subdivision shall not be construed to imply liability on the part of the county or the assessor for errors, omissions, or other defects in any other information or records provided by the assessor pursuant to the provisions of this part.
First and Second Digit Codes
0x - Series - Exempt, Not Assessed by County, Mobile Homes and Tracts
0300Exempt Public Agency
0400Property leased to a public utility
0500Property owned by a public utility
0600Mobile home on SFR/rural land
0700Mobile home in a mobile home park
0750Floating home
0800Vacant residential tract lot
0840Tract land, R&T 402.1
0900Partially complete residential tract home
0940Tract residential PC, R&T 402.1
1x - Series - Single Family Residential
1000Vacant residential land, zoned 4 units or less
1040Vacant residential land, R&T 402.1
1100Single family residential homes used as such
1101Medical-Residential Care Facility (SFR/Res Imps)
1120Residential Imps on Commercial Land
1130Residential Imps on Industrial Land
1140Single family residential home, R&T 402.1
1150Historical residential
1160Land Trust - residential improve on leased land
1166Land Trust - common area
1190Single family residential (tract) common area or use
1200Single family res home with non-economic 2nd unit
1201SFR with junior accessory dwelling unit
1300Single Family Res home with slight commercial/ind
1400Single Family Res - Duet Style
1420Single Family Res - Duet Style, First Sale
1430Single Family Res - Duet Style, R&T 402.1, First Sale
1440Single Family Res - Duet Style, R&T 402.1
1500Townhouse - Planned Development
1520Townhouse - Planned Development, First Sale
1530Townhouse - Planned Development, R&T 402.1, First Sale
1540Townhouse - Planned Development, R&T 402.1
1590Townhouse - Planned Development, Common Area or use
1600SFR Detached Site Condominium
1620SFR Detached Site Condominium, First Sale
1630SFR Detached Site Condominium, R&T 402.1, First Sale
1640SFR Detached Site Condominium, R&T 402.1
1690SFR Detached Site Condominium , Common Area or use
1700Single family res home converted to boarding house
1800SFR - Planned Development Tract with Common Area
1820SFR - Planned Development Tract, First Sale
1830SFR - Planned Development Tract, R&T 402.1, First Sale
1840SFR - Planned Development Tract, R&T 402.1
1850Duet/Duplex/Triplex - Planned Development Tract w/Common Area
1860Duet/Duplex/Triplex - Planned Development Tract, R&T 402.1
1890SFR - Planned Development Tract, Common Area or use
1900SFR - Manufactured Home (MH on permanent foundation)
1901Single family modular built off site
1950Non-Condo Live/Work
2x - Series - Multiple Residential, 2-4 Units and Mobile Homes
2100Two, three or four single family homes
2200Double or duplex type - two units
2300Triplex; double or duplex with single family home
2400Four living units; e.g. fourplex or triplex w/SFR
2440Four residential living units, R&T 402.1
25002 units, lesser quality than 2200 or unknown legal
25012 units, SFR with attached accessory dwelling unit
25022 units, SFR with detached accessory dwelling unit
25412 units, SFR with attached accessory dwelling unit, R&T 402.1
25422 units, SFR with detached accessory dwelling unit, R&T 402.1
26003 units, lesser quality than 2300 or unknown legal
27004 units, lesser quality than 2400 or unknown legal
2800Res property of 2,3 or 4 units with rooming house
2900More than 1 mobile home, or M/H w/other res units
3x - Series - Commercial (See also 8X & 9X Series)
3000Vacant commercial land (may include misc. imps)
3100Single-tenant Retail Store
3120Commercial Imps on Residential Land
3200Store/Office with Apts/Lofts
3300Miscellaneous improved commercial
3400Department store
3500National Chain Retailer
3600Restaurant - small or in-line walk-in restaurant / cafe
3605Restaurant - Free-Standing
3610Restaurant - Fast Food
3620Bar / Bar with limited food service
3700Shopping Center-NBHD/Grocery or Retail anchor
3701Shopping Center-Community
3702Shopping Center-Regional Mall
3703Shopping Center-NBHD without anchor (strip mall)
3704Shopping Center-Power Center
3705Shopping Center + Residential + Other
3900Condominium-commercial retail
3990Condominium-commercial retail, common area or use
4x - Series - Industrial
4000Vacant industrial land (may include misc. imps)
4102Warehouse-Self Storage
4103Warehouse-Cold Storage
4191Condominium-industrial, common area or use
4200Industrial Light/Manufacturing
4201Industrial Flex/R&D
4202Data Center
4205Advanced Tech manufacturing with R&D/Large-scale
4300Heavy industrial
4400Misc. industrial (improved); no other ind code
4600Quarries, Sand and Gravel
4700Salt Ponds
4800Terminals, trucking and distribution
4900Wrecking yards
5x - Series - Rural
5000Vacant rural-res homesites, may incl misc. imps
5100Improved rural-residential homesite.
5300Rural property used for agriculture and/or commercial <10 acre
5400Rural property with industrial use
5500Rural property used for agriculture and/or commercial 10+ acre
5600Rural property in transition to a higher use
5700Vacant rural land, not usable even for agriculture
5800Improved rural land, non-renewal Williamson Act
5900Vacant rural land, non-renewal Williamson Act
6x - Series - Institutional
6000Vacant land necessary part of institutional prop.
6001Government owned property - vacant land
6100Government owned property - improved
6200Secured PI
6300Golf course
6590Cemetery - Exempt
6700Other institutional property
6800Lodgehall and/or clubhouse
6850Historical commercial
7x - Series - Multiple Residential, 5 or more units
7000Vacant apartment land, capable of 5 or more units
7040Vacant apartment land, R&T 402.1
7090Vacant apartment common area or use
7100Five or more single family res homes
7200Residential property converted to 5 or more units
7300Condominium - single residential living unit
7301Condominium - residential live/work unit
7302Condominium - urban res unit above retail/office
7305Condominium - townhouse style
7320Condominium - single res unit, first sale
7321Condominium - res live/work unit, first sale
7322Condominium - urban res unit above, first sale
7325Condominium - townhouse, first sale
7330Condominium - single res unit, R&T 402.1, First Sa
7335Condominium - townhouse, R&T 402.1, First Sale
7340Condominium - single res unit, R&T 402.1
7341Condominium - res live/work unit, R&T 402.1
7342Condominium - urban res R&T 402.1
7345Condominium - Townhouse R&T 402.1
7390Condominium Common Area or use
7391Condominium - res live/work, common area or use
7392Condominium - urban res unit above, common area or use
7395Condominium - townhouse, common area
7400Cooperatives (divided)
7430Cooperatives (undivided)
7500Restricted residential income property
7600Fraternities and sororities
7700Multiple residential building of 5 or more units.
7701Assisted Living Apartments
7705Multiple-Res building of 5 or more units + commercial units
7706Multi-Res building of 5 or more units R&T 402.1 + commercial
7800Residential high-rise (7 or more stories)
7900Church Home
8x - Series - Improved Commercial
8000Car wash
8100Commercial repair garage
8200Automobile dealership
8300Parking lot
8400Parking garage
8500Service Stations
8600Funeral home
8700Nursing/Custodial Care Facility
8800Hospital (general)
8801Medical clinic/outpatient surgery
8802Skilled Nursing Facility
8901SRO Hotel
9x - Series - Improved Commercial
9100Mobile home park parcel with improvements
9300Medical - Dental building
9301Veterinarian Office
9400One to five story office building
9405Condominium-Medical office
9491Condominium-office, common area or use
9500Over five story office building
9600Bowling alley
9700Walk-in theater
9800Drive-in theater
9802Winery, including retail/event center
9900Other recreational activity, e.g. rinks, stadiums
9901Boat berth privately owned
9902Subsurface right-oil, gas, mineral
9905Fitness Center/Health Club/Gym
9910Museums, Historical Societies/Clubs
9999P19 - Intergenerational Transfers
Revised 3/24/05
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