Type Regular
Objective Established 3/27/07 to provide community input on Alameda County septic system issues.
Established 2007-03-27
Authority Resolution R-7-114 established the Commission; Resolution R-2011-355 amended the number of members; Alameda County General Ordinance Code Chapter 15.18
Agency/Dept County Administrator's Office
Location n/a CA  00000--0000    QIC: 30440
Staff Person Dilan Roe Work: (510) 567-6767
Term (Seats) No term of office or term limit addressed in Establishing Resolution or ordinance. Musta adhere to the Board of Supervisors' 12 year term limit as specified in the Board Operating Procedures.
Meetings Regular meetings of the Commission shall be held quarterly on the first Thursday of each quarter, beginning with March, June, September and December.
Qualifications Appointees may be members of the public at-large, staff members, Supervisors and the Director of the Department of Environmental Health; and staff from other County Departments such as Building/Permitting.
Appointments The 7 Commissioners shall be appointed by the Board of Supervisors. Supervisors from Districts 1, 2 and 4 will nominate two Commissioners each and the Supervisor from District 5 shall nominate one member for a total of seven members.