Type Regular
Objective To encourage and create a forum for citizen input, advice and consultation regarding all fire services programs and activities, and the administration of these programs and activities throughout Alameda County.
Established 1993-07-01
Authority None
Agency/Dept Alameda County Fire Department
Location 6363 Clark Avenue    Dublin CA  94568
Staff Person Yvonne Hernandez Work: (925) 833-3473
Term (Seats) Members serve at the pleasure of their respective governing body and shall have terms of 4 years. Fire Commissioners may be reappointed by their respective governing body or designee for an unlimited number of consecutive terms, per the bylaws. Any vacancy on the Fire Commission shall be filled by the respective governing body or designee; persons appointed to fill vacancies shall serve for the unexpired term of the persons they succeed. The term of any member appointed by a Contract Agency shall not exceed the term of the Contract Agency's contract with ACFD.
Meetings Quarterly (February, May, August, and November) at various locations
Qualifications Members shall be residents of Alameda County. Membership on the Fire Commission is open to any interested resident without regard to background, experience, prior community involvement, ethnicity, religions, or sexual preference.
Appointments Each Director shall appoint 1 member as representative from their District except the Director of District 4 shall appoint 2 appointed members, as District 4 services the largest unincorporated population. In addition to the appointed members, each Director may appoint up to 1 alternate member. For Districts 1 and 2, which previously had two 2 appointed members and henceforth shall have 1 appointed member, the Director of each District shall designate one of the two members as appointed member and may designate the non-appointed member as the alternate. If the non-appointed member is not designated as the alternate, his or her membership shall cease. Each Contract Agency shall appoint no more than 1 member as a representative and 1 alternate member unless otherwise specified in the agency's fire and emergency services contract with the Alameda County Fire Department.