Type Regular
Objective To prepare plan for development of community based system for adult care. Per Welfare and Institutions Code 19225, (2) (A) the Council was established to advise the Chief Probation Officer in the development of the expenditure plan for the funds provided under this chapter.
Established 1997-12-16
Authority Comprehensive Youth Services Act, Welfare and Institutions Code 18220 et al. Note, 18225 requiring the establishment of a Local Planning Council is no longer part of this Code section. WC 18226 (2)(B)(b) The county board of supervisors may provide that a planning council established pursuant to Section 749.22 (juvenile justice coordinating council) shall serve as the local planning council required by subdivision (a). BOS Action taken 12/2/197, Item 23, Resolution R-98-289.
Agency/Dept Probation Department
Location 400 Broadway    Oakland CA  94607    QIC: 22801
Staff Person Wendy S. Still Work: (510) 268-7233
Term (Seats) No term/limit set, but this body is subject to BOS 12 year appointment rule.
Meetings Contact the Probation Department at (510) 268-7233 for schedule and location.
Qualifications WC 18226 (2) (B) With the exception of local planning councils serving pursuant to subdivision (b); any council established pursuant to this subdivision shall include representatives from all of the following: County departments: including health, mental health, probation, child protective services, and education; local school districts; City and County law enforcement agencies; community-based "organizations that serve at risk youth, including shelter providers, organizations addressing issues of pregnancy and parenting, organizations addressing issues of substance abuse and culturally conscious organizations reflecting the ethnic and cultural composition of the community; one or more youths who are at-risk or have been adjudicated under Section 601 or 602; Parents or family members of at-risk youth.