Type Regular
Objective To review and assess emerging health needs; initiate and improve health and disease prevention programs and policies; make recommendation s regarding opportunities for building community capacit y as related to public health priorities; and advocate for adequate resources and increased County action to improve community health.
Established 1979-06-19
Authority Established June 19, 1979 by resolution number 183410, as the Public Health Advisory Committee. The name was change by amendment of their Bylaws on July 1, 2008 and 9/27/16.
Agency/Dept Health Care Services Agency
Location 1000 Broadway, Suite 500    Oakland CA  94607    QIC: 21904
Staff Person Gene Ho Work:
Term (Seats) Each term shall be for 2 years with a maximum tenure, which reflects current Board policy 12-years limit.
Meetings Commission meetings shall be held monthly for a total of 12 monthly meetings per calendar year. Contact staff for meeting dates, time and location.
Qualifications The PHC membership is open to all Alameda County residents who are supportive of the improvement of the health and well-being of residents living in Alameda County. New members shall be recruited through an extensive outreach process, taking into consideration PHC's strong commitment to ethnic and geographic diversity.
Appointments The PHC membership shall be composed of 25 members, 4 members from each of the five supervisory districts and 5 at-large members. Each Supervisor will appoint 4 members to the PHC. The 5 at-large members will be nominated by the Public Health Commission. All 25 members will be approved by the Board of Supervisors. Any member of the PHC may be removed for cause at any time by majority vote of the Board of Supervisors. See Bylaws, Article IX. Removal Procedure for additional information.