Type Regular
Objective The purpose of the Commission is to help eliminate discrimination and prejudice against women in such areas as housing, employment, health services, child care, education, transportation, credit, legal rights and community services
Established 1975-02-04
Authority Alameda County Administrative Code/Title 2 Administration/Chapter 2.90, Administrative Code Section 5-13.9 The Commission has the authority to advise and assist the board of supervisors in matters relating to the problems of women in the county; Review complaints relating to prejudice and discrimination on the basis of sex, when such complaints are within the jurisdiction of the board of supervisors; Endeavor to resolve these complaints by persuasion and conference and to arrive at voluntary solutions whenever possible; Refer complaints to the board of supervisors for appropriate action, whenever voluntary solutions are not possible; Initiate and enlist the cooperation of various women's organizations, community groups, business organizations and other groups in programs and campaigns devoted to eliminating prejudice and discrimination on the basis of sex; The commission may study the employment practices of various county departments and report its findings together with its recommendations to the board of supervisors or to the county affirmative action advisory council; Cooperate in the area of women's rights with federal, state, municipal and other governmental agencies; Conduct educational programs; Make recommendations as to legislation to the board of supervisors and to the various city councils in the county in the area of women's rights.
Agency/Dept Social Services Agency
Location 2000 San Pablo Ave., Suite 445    Oakland CA  94612    QIC: 20203
Staff Person Kim Fogel Work: (510) 645-9339
Term (Seats) Appointed commissioners shall serve for a term of two years with the following exceptions: - If no successor has been appointed at the expiration of the term, the commissioner shall serve until a successor is appointed; - No commissioner shall serve more than two consecutive terms
Meetings 10 meetings per year -- 2nd Wednesday of each month at 6:00pm
Qualifications Must be a resident of the Alameda County who reflects the general population in age, race, religion and socio-economic status. The members shall have shown themselves qualified to implement effectively the policy announced in Chapter 2.90 of the Alameda County Administrative Code.
Appointments The commission consists of seventeen (17) members appointed directly by the board of supervisors. Each supervisor shall nominate three members from his or her supervisorial district, one member shall be nominated by, and shall be a member of the county Human Relations Commission, one member shall be nominated by the Alameda County Mayors' Conference. (Admin Code 2.90.030)