Type Regular
Objective Advice the Board of Supervisors on all matters concerning services which are or may be provided to Sunol by the County or other local governmental agencies, including but not limited to advice on matters of public safety, welfare, public works, and planning.
Established 1989-06-01
Authority Established in 1989, Resolution 89-455, O-89-46, O-89-47; Agenda 6/1/89 (Item S-7), File #4376; Reorganization approved 7/14/09, Resolution 2009-498; Terms redefined Planning Meeting 10/8/13, item 4, Resolution R-2013-467 changing the term limit.
Agency/Dept Community Development Agency
Location 224 W. Winton Avenue, Rm. 111    Hayward CA  94544    QIC: 50701
Staff Person Christopher Miley Work: 510-272-6676
Term (Seats) 4 year term. No appointee shall serve more than three (3) full terms or a total of twelve (12) years. The Board of Supervisors may remove any Council member from office at any time.
Meetings 3rd Wednesday every month, 6:30 pm at Sunol Elementary School, 11601 Main Street, Sunol, CA
Qualifications Members must be residents of Sunol.
Appointments Two members are nominated by District 1 and three are nominated by District 2. Appointments approved by the full Board of Supervisors.