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Food Safety Program

> Overview
> Restaurant Grading System
>Placard Grading Policy and Procedures
> Restaurant Inspection Results
>California Retail Food Code (Cal Code)
>Sherman Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Laws
>California Food Handler Card Law
> Plan Check Documents
> Temporary Events
> Mobile Food Facilities
>Mobile Food Placarding Information
Related Links
> CCDEH Food Documents
> Health Safety Notices
> Safe Food Handling
> Cross-Contamination Issues
> Proper Hand Washing
> Cooking Temperatures
> Handling Take-Out/Leftovers
> Berkeley Food Facility Program
Interactive GIS/ArcIMS Web Site

The Alameda County Restaurant Inspection Results on this site are available no later than 14 days after the inspector's visit. Information presented in the search will include inspections made within the last year. Routine Inspections and Rescore Inspections performed on or after July 1st, 2012 will have the new grading system indicators for Pass, Conditional Pass and Closed. For information about which food facilities have been recently closed, perform a Food Facility Closure search. Closures within the last three months will be displayed. Also, restaurants with expired permits can be listed.

The website is spatially-enabled to provide mapping capability and geographic area searching. Aerial photography is available as a base layer in addition to a street layer. Links to the Assessor's Parcel Viewer can be selected from specific site information windows. The results data are updated at least hourly.

Click here to link to the Inspection Results site.

Online Services
> Restaurant Inspection Results (map version)
> Restaurant and Mobile Food Facility Inspection Results (non map version and mobile device enabled)
> Submit a Foodborne Illness Complaint

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> Temporary Event Booth
Pre-inspection/Self Inspection Form
(PDF - 95kb)*
> Temporary Food Facility Permit or Catered Event Permit Application (PDF - 1mb)*
> Temporary Events Sponsor Application (PDF - 478kb)*
> Food Safety Certification Schedule and Registration: classes taught in English (PDF - 164kb)*
> Food Safety Certification Schedule and Registration: classes taught in Spanish (PDF - 308kb)*

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