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Community Identifier Projects

The Community Identifier Projects are in Alameda County's unincorporated communities of Ashland/Cherryland, Castro Valley and San Lorenzo. The Community Identifier Projects involve designing and hand-painting the name of the community along with other design elements on freeway overpasses. The overall goal is to create community gateway markers that help support a positive and welcoming environment for both the community and visitors.

To learn about the project schedule and latest updates, click here.

Utility Box Art Program

The Alameda County Arts Commission is pleased to announce that the artists' proposals for the Utility Box Art Program in Castro Valley are now available for public comment! Now through November 5, view the Utility Box Art proposals for Castro Valley and submit comments online at: bit.ly/UBCVProposals

The Alameda County Arts Commission manages the Utility Box Art Program for the unincorporated area of Alameda County. The goal of the program is to place artwork on County-controlled utility boxes. A small group of artists will be selected for approximately 40 utility boxes in Castro Valley. Each artist will be assigned a group of boxes and provide a series of designs that are related in style or imagery. The designs will be printed on vinyl, which will wrap the utility boxes.

In August, the Artist Selection Committee, comprised of community members and arts professionals, met to review the qualifications and past work of a project pool of artists. The Selection Committee selected a group of artists, working in wide variety of artistic styles and mediums, as semi-finalists who were invited to create a proposal for the Utility Box Art Program. The artist semi-finalists learned about the special characteristics of Castro Valley to develop their proposals. The Arts Commission believes that community input is very important and encourages community members to comment on the proposals.

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