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Community Identifier Projects

The Community Identifier Projects are in Alameda County's unincorporated communities of Ashland/Cherryland, Castro Valley and San Lorenzo. The Community Identifier Projects involve designing and hand-painting the name of the community along with other design elements on freeway overpasses. The overall goal is to create community gateway markers that help support a positive and welcoming environment for both the community and visitors.

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Utility Box Art Program

The Alameda County Arts Commission has launched the Utility Box Art Program for the unincorporated area of Alameda County. The program was first launched as a related component to the Community Identifier Projects. Phase One focuses on the utility boxes close to the three Community Identifier Projects in Ashland/Cherryland, Castro Valley, and San Lorenzo.

Phase Two of the Utility Box Art Program focuses on placing artwork on approximately 40 County-controlled utility boxes in the unincorporated community of Castro Valley. Phase Two will feature a group of professional artists who will each provide designs that are related in style and theme. Each artist will be assigned boxes in the same general area. The designs will be printed on vinyl, which will wrap the utility boxes. It is anticipated that the artwork installation will begin in Summer 2019.

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