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Last updated 3/19/2020


Courts may be closed, but your public defender still is working hard to help you and your family navigate this difficult time. PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE NOTICE.

  1. All Alameda County criminal courts are closed until April 7, 2020 for anyone out of custody. Do NOT go to court.
  2. All cases scheduled during the closure will be automatically continued. To find out your new court date, visit the Court’s website AFTER your cancelled appearance.
  3. If you are in drug or mental health court, you must continue working with your service provider/case manager. Your case may be continued 30 to 45 days. Check the Court’s website for your new date per the above instructions.
  4. If you are taking classes and appearing for progress reports, please keep any letters or notices you receive from providers about cancelled classes.
  5. If you asked for a speedy trial or speedy preliminary hearing, check the Court’s website for your new date. You also should call your attorney.
    • If your case is at the Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse: (510) 268-7400
    • If your case is at the Rene C. Davidson Courthouse: (510) 272-6600
    • If your case is at the East County Hall of Justice: (925) 551-6863
    • If your case is being heard at the Fremont Hall of Justice: (510) 795-2600

  6. To find out if a loved one is in jail, please use the Alameda County Sheriff’s inmate locator.
  7. If you have a loved one in custody and have questions about the status of their case, please call one of the numbers above and an attorney will help you. Please have the person’s full name, birthday and/or PFN (three letters/three numbers).
  8. It’s very important your attorney knows how to reach you. Please provide updated phone numbers, addresses and emails as soon as possible.

DISCLAIMER: This site is meant to provide information of a general nature which you should verify with an attorney before relying upon it. It does not provide legal advice and is not meant to establish an attorney-client relationship. If you are seeking legal advice you should ALWAYS contact an attorney.

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