Child Care Facilities

The resource and referral agencies below may be able to give you personalized assistance:

The Building Child Care website also has a host of resources:

A few resources to assist with various steps of developing a child care center may be found below:

Video: Child Care Facilities and Quality

Green Child Care

Starting or Relocating A Center

Land Use Permitting

Before you buy or rent a center or house for the purposes of starting a child care program, you should check into the local zoning and permitting processes for child care programs by calling your local planning department. Southern Alameda County cities can cross reference their information with the chart which you can access by clicking on the link below. In addition to city planning staff, resource and Referral agency and ECE program staff may also be available to help you understand the local permitting process and how you can prepare for a city hearing in the event one is required.

Please note that as of January 1, 2020, both small and large family child care homes must be exempted from local zoning and permitting requirements. This means that family child care homes cannot be required to obtain a permit in order to operate, no matter the size.

Inclusion Related Modifications