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Save the Date! January 6th Alameda County Child Care COVID-19 Public Health Update

You may have lots of questions regarding COVID cases at your site: symptoms to look for, what to do if you have a positive case, and what happens to your site including licensing. Join us for an update from Alameda County Public Health to hear the ins and outs and step-by-steps for the child care community. Spanish and Mandarin interpretation will be provided during this webinar.

Register here: English | Spanish | Chinese

Alameda County LPC & QC Needs Assessment Introduction

This year, the LPC is conducting a Needs Assessment, in conjunction with data reporting requirements for Quality Counts. This presentation provides an overview of the Needs Assessment process and key data elements.

October 15, 2020 - View the document*(PDF)

Overview of Recent State and Federal ECE Policy and Budget Updates

A lot has been happening this month at the federal and state levels when it comes to ECE budget and policy decisions and proposals! Stay up to date on the latest with this simple overview.

Sept 21, 2020 - View the document*(PDF)

Apply for Alameda County's Workforce Pathways Project / Aplique aquí para el Proyecto de Desarrollo para la Fuerza Laboral del Condado de Alameda

Alameda County's Workforce Pathways Project provides educational stipends, access to career counseling and other professional development supports. Don't miss this great opportunity and apply by September 10th!

Sept 9, 2020 - View the document*(PDF)

Overview of Current Priority CA and Federal Legislation

This overview, updated frequently, provides information on federal and state legislation related to ECE, including their status in the State Legislature or Congress.

Nov 19, 2020 - View the document*(PDF)

Overview of Alameda County ECE Program's Dual Language Learner Work

Learn about Alameda County's successful work to support Dual Language Learners, including our most recent cohort of DLL educators.

Sept 9, 2020 - View the document*(PDF)

Analysis of CA 2020-2021 Budget Impact on ECE

This year's State budget, passed at the end of June, includes several important policy and funding changes for the ECE system and related programs, detailed in this overview.

Sept 9, 2020 - View the document*(PDF)

Alameda County Unmet Subsidized Child Care Need By City and Age

While Alameda County seeks to serve all children eligible for child care, the County currently lacks the necessary capacity to do so. Data provided by the American Institutes for Research helps us understand where the gaps are.

Sept 9, 2020 - View the document*(PDF)

2019 Data Profile of Dual Language Learning Capacity of Alameda County ECE Programs, Teachers, and Children!

Learn about our County's Dual Language Learners and the child care providers and educators who support them in this data overview.

Sept 9, 2020 - View the document*(PDF)

2020 Alameda County Early Childhood Education Funding Overview

Understanding the early childhood education funding landscape can be challenging. This overview will help you understand how the different funding streams operate in Alameda County.

Sept 9, 2020 - View the document.*(PDF)

2020 Overview of Zip Code Priorities

In order for Alameda County to be considered for expansion funding for General Child Care and State Preschool Program, the Early Care and Education Planning Council must identify the most underserved areas in our county by zip code. The priority zip codes are determined on the basis of a demand and supply analysis performed with California Department of Education (CDE), California Department of Social Services (CDSS), Early Head Start and Head Start (EHS/HS), American Institutes for Research (AIR) and census data. The 2020 Zip Code Priorities are pending approval by the County Board of Supervisors.

Sept 9, 2020 - 2020 Profile of Data *(PDF)

ECE Planning Council Performance Measures

Alameda County's Local Planning Council is guided by a set of performance measures, displayed in this infographic.

Sept 9, 2020 - Increased Access to Quality ECE Performance Measures*(PDF - 174kB)

List of Early Care and Education Acronyms

Our field often uses a multitude of acronyms. This document has recently been updated and a few more acronyms have been added to the list. Please check this out and use it as your handy guide for all your acronym needs.

Sept 9, 2020 - click here