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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Measure X?

A: Measure X is Alameda County Fire Department's Fire Safety local measure on the November 3, 2020 ballot to issue bonds, the proceeds of which will be used to repair, upgrade, and replace outdated fire stations in order to maintain fire and medical emergency services in unincorporated communities of Ashland, Castro Valley Cherryland, Livermore, San Lorenzo and Sunol.

Q: Why was Measure X placed on the ballot?

A: Inadequate funding has forced the Alameda County Fire Department to consolidate and close a fire station, affecting our unincorporated communities. Measure X would upgrade existing fire stations, so that we can reduce 911 emergency medical response times and expand and improve wildfire fire prevention efforts to keep our community safe.
Residents of unincorporated communities rely on the medical emergency lifesaving services, fast 911 response, wildfire protection and disaster response services provided by Alameda County firefighters in local stations.

Q: How will Measure X address fire protection and emergency response?

A: Measure X will upgrade aging and outdated fire stations that are at least 30 years old, including two that are over 50 years old and two over 70 years old.

Q: How does Measure X support fire disaster responses?

A: By addressing needed repairs and upgrades to outdated fire stations, Measure X positions local firefighters to effectively address ever-increasing fire danger in our unincorporated communities and assists them in better monitoring the start of fires and control weeds, tall grass, and brush across the dozens of canyons and thousands of acres of our local open space.

Q: How does Measure X protect emergency medical response times?

A: Nearly 80% of our local 911 calls are for medical emergencies like heart attacks, strokes, and car accidents. If enacted, Measure X upgrades fire stations so that we can reduce 911 emergency medical response times.

Q: What does Measure X cost?

A: Measure X is a Fire Safety Bond Measure authorizing the Alameda County Fire Department to issue up to $90,000,000 in bonds to repair and replace outdated fire stations to maintain lifesaving services specifically in unincorporated communities. The estimated cost of Measure X is 1.6 cents per $100 of assessed value.

Q: Is Measure X Fiscally Accountable?

A: Measure X has fiscal accountability including Independent Citizens Oversight, independent audits, and provides that no money can be spent on salaries, benefits, or pensions of Fire Department employees. By law all funds are required to be spent locally and none can be taken by Sacramento.

Q: Where can I find more information about Measure X?

A: For more information, please visit our website at: If you have specific questions, please contact the Fire District's office at: (510) 632-3473.

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