Building Maintenance Department - photo showing solar panels and castro valley library.


The General Services Agency-Building Maintenance Department (GSA-BMD) provides the maintenance and operation services for over one hundred and sixty-six (166) County-owned and leased facilities, approximately 6.7 million square feet of building space. These buildings include offices, courts, detention facilities, veterans buildings, clinic buildings, firing ranges, parking structures, and training facilities. The department provides building maintenance services to most County facilities, but does not service the Fairgrounds.

The department provides maintenance services to assure clean, safe and functionally operative facilities. Basic routine services provided include plant mechanical services, maintenance and repair of heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems, servicing and repair of building hardware, wall, ceiling and floor finishes, roofing, carpeting, painting, carpentry services, janitorial services and grounds maintenance services. The department also provides related services such as repair of departmental equipment and furnishings, processing requests for changes in space allocation in County facilities and special project remodeling work to meet changes in County operations.

To provide these services efficiently, County-wide shops and operational personnel are stationed at strategic locations throughout the County. The department is directed by the Deputy Director, GSA-BMD located in Oakland. A Manager of Janitorial Services is also located there.

The department is supported by a Deputy Director for Energy and Environmental Services, who oversees a staff of engineers that provide services in asbestos abatement and management, underground tank testing and management, indoor air quality testing and management, energy utilization, and management of the energy reduction program.

The Facilities Manager supervises operation of all County-owned facilities.

The Janitorial Services Manager oversees operation of the Janitorial Division, which services Alameda County Buildings.

The Facilities and Buildings Managers administer the primary service functions:

Routine servicing of building equipment systems, housekeeping operations and grounds maintenance operations is programmed to ensure uninterrupted service to building occupants. Special project programs are the responsibility of the Director, General Services Agency and are administered by the Deputy Director, GSA-BMD.

Deputy Director of Energy and Environmental Services is responsible for oversight of and management of utility expenses. He also has responsibility for monitoring underground storage tanks and disposal of hazardous materials in County facilities.

The Facilities Manager is also responsible for managing the maintenance and physical plant operations for Santa Rita Jail and associated acreage as well as other buildings in the Western section of Alameda County. This manager coordinates maintenance and minor construction at all facilities within her area.

Comments or suggestions regarding improvements of service programs are encouraged and should be transmitted to the appropriate Manager of those listed below:

  • Deputy Director - GSA / BMD (510) 208-9533
  • Facilities Manager - GSA / BMD (510) 667-3047
  • Janitorial Services Manager (510) 208-9537
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