Real Property Management - photo showing solar panels and castro valley library.


Real Property Management is concerned with leasing and buying of property for County use, selling or leasing County property to private interests, and space and furniture planning and project management within leased/owned property.

Leasing/Purchasing Property for County use

RPM is the County department which negotiates purchases and leases for General Fund projects. When a department requires additional space, it sends the information to the Portfolio Management Once approval is given, by the Portfolio Management group, Real Property will work with the department in clarifying their specifications. Real Property will search for space, perform space and furniture planning, assist with interior design, supervise tenant improvements, lease or purchase the property and coordinate the move. Once a department is settled in, tenant contact is assigned a "site manager." It is the site manager's responsibility to coordinate requests for repairs and complaints to the landlord. Real Property Management resolves problems between County tenants and the landlord.

Real Property's assistance is not an additional cost to the departments.

Leasing County Space to Private Parties

The County leases some County space to private parties. This includes the grazing of cattle on County-owned land for weed control, the licensing of communications sites, coffee carts and other uses. Interested parties should review the "Doing business with the County" link to see if a bid opportunity exists. For questions, call Real Property Manager at 510-208-9534.

Space/Furniture Planning

Space and furniture planning originates with a memo to Portfolio Management requesting assistance. Space and furniture planning costs are generally borne by the requesting department/agency.

Space Allocation

Please select the Space Allocation link at left.

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