Basic Life Insurance

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The County provides eligible employees with up to $25,000 of Basic Life Insurance. Refer to your Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the coverage available to you.

Coverage is automatic—you are not required to enroll. However, you must designate a beneficiary for the Basic Life Insurance benefit. (A beneficiary is the person who receives the basic life insurance benefit in the event of your death.) You may add or change a beneficiary by completing the Beneficiary Designation Change Form and returning it to the Employee Benefits Center (EBC). You may make changes to your beneficiary designation at any time.

Benefit Portability/Conversion

Employees who apply within 30 days of termination (retirees have 60 days) may convert their employee "group term" life insurance to individual life coverage. If you do so, you are responsible for payment of insurance premiums; the rates may be significantly higher than rates offered through the County’s Basic Life Insurance program.

Contact the EBC if you have questions regarding the portability of your life insurance benefit.