The County provides eligible employees a choice of the following dental plans:

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Your Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) describes the dental benefits offered to you and if applicable, the annual benefit maximum.

About the DeltaCare USA Plan

When you enroll in the DeltaCare USA plan, you select a DeltaCare network dentist to provide and coordinate your dental care. With DeltaCare, you must visit your selected primary care dentist in order to receive benefits. If you need specialty care, your primary care dentist can obtain a referral on your behalf. Services provided by primary care dentists are covered at low or no copayments and are not subject to a deductible.

Note that you can change your USA dentist at any time. Simply contact DeltaCare USA customer service before the 15th of the month; changes are effective on the first of the following month.

Refer to the Dental Plan Benefits Summary for details about the benefits covered under each plan option.

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About the Delta Dental PPO Plan

Besides the network, members have access to a second network, the Delta Dental PPO network. This special network of dentists have agreed to discounted fees, so your out of pocket costs will be reduced and your plan year maximum will go further when you visit a PPO dentist. Additionally, basic services such as fillings will be covered at 85% when visiting a Delta Dental PPO dentist. If you do not choose to visit a Delta Dental PPO dentist, your benefits will remain the same as currently offered. As always you have the option of visiting any dentist you choose, now you have more options for saving money.

The name of the Delta Dental Plan has been changed to the Delta Dental PPO Plan. Also under this plan you will be able to seek services for items such as mouth guards that stop the progression of damage from TMJ and teeth grinding. The enhancement to this plan now provides a PPO option, not only do you have the comfort and convenience of being able to visit the same Delta Dental dentist and receive the same benefits as before, you also have the possibility of more cost savings if your dentist is part of the Delta Dental PPO network.

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About the Delta Dental PPO + Supplemental Plan

Delta Dental PPO + Supplemental Plan (Formerly the Delta Spousal Plan). The spousal dental plan is a valuable program designed to supplement the benefits provided under the County-sponsored Delta PPO Dental Plan by up to 25%.

To participate, one employee selects self +1 or family coverage, and the spouse/ domestic partner selects the supplemental plan with self +1 or family coverage. The supplemental plan then adds an additional 25% coinsurance on your Delta Dental PPO Plan for benefits provided to the spouse/domestic partner as he/she incurs eligible dental expenses throughout the year. Both the employee and the spouse/domestic partner must be employed by the County. You can review the supplemental plan benefits under the Dental Plan Benefits Summary.

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Dental Plan Benefits Summary

For details on each dental plan's design refer to the Dental Plan Benefits Summary (PDF - 63kb) *.

In reviewing this information, please be reminded that this document provides a brief summary of the plans only. You should carefully review each plans Evidence of Coverage Booklet for more details on these benefits. In case of conflict between this chart and the plans' Evidence of Coverage Booklets, the Evidence of Coverage Booklets determine the benefits that will be provided. These dental plans require services to be preapproved and/or obtained from specific providers who contract with the plan.

Contact Delta Dental directly, if you have questions regarding the benefits covered.

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Dental Costs

The County pays the full cost of dental coverage for eligible employees who work at least 50% of their standard hours per pay period and, if so, for their eligible dependents as well.

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